Katey Lovell – The Boy Under The Mistletoe

Katey is the author of the super sweet Meet Cute series, a selection of bite sized romantic treasures that will keep you occupied during the monotonous commute or the wait in a Starbucks queue. I am delighted to welcome Katey to the blog today to talk about her latest release The Boy Under The Mistletoe!

meetcuteThe Boy Under The Mistletoe is your festive short story in the ‘Meet Cute’ series. Can you describe the book in just three words!?

Flirty, feisty and festive!

What was your inspiration for this little bite sized treat?

My editor Charlotte asked if I’d write a Christmas story for the Meet Cute series and we came up with the title before I wrote the story.  I love Christmas and everything twinkly, so writing about it – even in the heat of summer – was great fun.  I wanted to write about a big Christmas get together, hence Chelsea and Simeon meeting at a party on Christmas Eve and spent a long time searching for images to inspire me – they’re on my Pinterest board.

Out of all of the sweet Meet Cute stories you’ve written, which was your favourite?

This one!  I think I was more aware of what I wanted from the series by the time I sat down to write it whereas the others were written before Harper Collins offered me the contract.  Chelsea is so very ordinary, and that’s what I loved about writing her.

If you could have a kiss with ANYONE under the mistletoe, who would it be?!

Can I say my husband?  We’ll have been married ten years on December 23rd so Christmas is always a double celebration.

What is your favourite Christmas memory?

Waking up on Christmas morning in New York City when we were on honeymoon was pretty special!  We had a gorgeous lunch at a revolving restaurant overlooking Times Square followed by a stroll through Central Park in the rain.  That was a magical Christmas.

What does a typical Christmas day look like to you?

We don’t have one typical Christmas day.  We’ve been away a few times over Christmas, visited family, had it at home…the only real constant is Santa bringing new pyjamas on Christmas Eve evening – he visits us twice, because he’s obviously not got enough to do!

And, lastly, sprouts or no sprouts?! 

No sprouts.  Or maybe one, just because it’s Christmas…

My Review

Katey Lovell’s Meet Cute series is amazing – a selection of bite-sized stories that detail the moments that two people meet for the very first time is just what I’ve been missing in my life!! I am lucky enough to have read the whole series and I cannot tell you how much I love them. Although, it has to be said, I think The Boy Under The Mistletoe might just be my favourite…maybe because the mention of Christmas jumpers is enough to get me excited but also, I feel like the connection between the two main characters is electric.

Chelsea works in her mother’s flower shop and is exhausted with the amount of people desperate for flowers on Christmas Eve. She’d rather just go home and sleep (who wouldn’t) but instead is duty bound to attend her Gran’s Christmas party. And then she meets Simeon. CUE FANGIRLING. And, well I’m not saying anymore because spoilers but I insist that you buy this little festive treat and do all the swooning and smiling.

I cannot wait for the rest of the Meet Cute series to launch and you would be foolish to miss them!

The Boy Under The Mistletoe is out tomorrow!!

You can find Katey Lovell on Twitter, on Facebook and check out her blog!

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