My Hopes & Plans For 2016

Phew, I’m kinda glad to say goodbye to 2o15. Whilst this year has had some beautiful moments and I’ve created some lovely memories, I’ve also had a lot of hurdles to try and make my way over and am battling again with my mental health which is never easy. So I’m very happy to welcome in a new year – a time to wipe the slate clean and start as I mean to go on. I have a few hopes and goals I want to achieve in the new year and I thought I’d share a few with you. I’m not huge on making New Years Resolutions as I never stick to them but there are a handful of things I want to make sure happen in 2016!

1. Finish re-writing my novel. 

This is my constant goal! I’ve wanted to finish re-writing this novel for ages but my motivation is so poor and my concentration levels at the moment are ridiculous. But, I am hoping, after making my working space a lot cleaner and neater, it will help my mind feel less cluttered! I am hoping to have it finished by March…! And, watch this space, maybe one day it’ll be published!

2. Look after my body more. 

This is something most people want to do in the New Year but I really want to look after myself. I think I’ve got to an age where I’ve realised I’m not immortal and what I do to my body now will stay with me for life. What I eat, how active I am, how I look after my hair, skin etc will all have a baring on my future so I really want to look after myself more – eat better, exercise more and just take more care of my ol’ self!

3. Slow down blogging. 

This is a really hard one for me but I want to take a break from ‘heavy’ blogging, at least until my novel is finished. I feel like I put so much effort into blogging and a lot of the time it feels like it’s for nothing! I’m going to direct that energy into my writing but will still write the occasional review and may keep up with my YouTube channel to talk about some books I’ve been loving.

4. Take more time for me. 

This is a little like number two. I want to have more ‘me’ time. I always try to please people all the time. I always like to try and be the best person I can be, but sometimes at a detriment to myself. Sometimes I feel like I don’t quite know who I am yet. I want to learn who I really am and how to be myself all the time. And I think that can be achieved by having more ‘me’ time!

5. Work on my anxiety. 

This is the biggest, scariest and most important goal. I want to get control of my anxiety again and be able to function a little more ‘normally’ than I currently do!! I want to be able to leave the house again, to go for walks, to go on little camping adventures with The Man and to just enjoy the little things in life.

There’s my goals and hopes for the New Year! What are yours? Let me know 🙂 

Hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas and a very happy, healthy and positive New Year. See you on the other side!! 

Laura xxx

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