My Christmas Day Plans!

This year my Christmas day will probably follow the same pattern as most Christmas days that have come before. The day will start off around 8am with a big yawn and a stretch and some scrummy scrambled eggs on toast. Then I’ll get dressed and make myself look semi-presentable! Mid-morning my granddad and his partner will arrive to exchange presents and to say hello for a little while before they go off to have their Christmas lunch. Once they’ve left, we’ll all tuck into our Christmas lunch – I’m not sure what we’re having this year…maybe we’ll break tradition and have something a little different? Who knows?!

After lunch we’ll sit and play a few board games and nibble on chocolate and cheese (not simultaneously, I should add.) Then, as the evening draws closer, we’ll find something to watch on the TV and have a mini buffet. Then, more than likely there’ll be another board game!

Boxing day is set to be a great day too – the other family members are coming round for a buffet and my boyfriend will be popping over too. It will be lovely to see everyone and exchange presents and play lots more board games!! Christmas is a very simple affair in our family but one that we all enjoy and it’s lovely to be able to spend time with everyone and have lots of fun 🙂


What are your plans for Christmas day? What are you most looking forward to doing? 

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