My Christmas Wish List (If money were no object!)

Wish list

Today is a little bit of an indulgent post. Whilst I fully appreciate the whole meaning of Christmas isn’t to be inundated with presents, I thought it would be fun to do a wishlist of the presents I would love to see sitting under the tree if money were no object!

1. An iPhone 6

Ever since my iPhone 4 met a very unfortunate end on the cobbled streets of Canterbury, I have been longing for a new one. I have a rubbish Microsoft phone that seems intent on breaking, not working or freezing at every opportunity! So a shiny new iPhone would be lovely!

2. A holiday to Devon!

I love love love Devon. It’s my place in the world – I just love how it makes me feel. Last year I was lucky enough to win a three night stay in a small cottage in Exmoor and The Man and I had such a lovely time. I really want to go back to Devon again for a longer holiday and do lots of exploring, relaxing and eating!!

3. A new laptop

My poor laptop hasn’t be treated well – I’m clumsy and the ol’ thing is a little worse for wear. I would love to have new laptop that I could use purely for writing, all shiny and bright and fast!

4. A never-ending book token

How amazing would it be to have a book token that never ran out – you could buy as many books as you wanted and it wouldn’t ever tell you it’d run out?! Ahh now that is the dream! I could buy soooo many books and buy all my bookish friends books. Can I have one please, Santa?

5.  A rescue puppy

I’ve always wanted a dog and would love to find a little rescue puppy sitting under the tree! However I’m not sure how well it’d get on with my three cats…!

What’s on your wishlist this year? Is there anything you would LOVE to see sitting under your tree?

Today I am joined by four very lovely ladies talking to me all about their Christmas wish lists!

1. What is on top of your Christmas wish list this year?

Christa: There’s not really one big thing that I really want this year. I just seem to have loads of books and films on my wish list, but they are coveted items nonetheless!

Sophie: Nothing that I’ve thought of yet! Last year I just gave people my Amazon wishlist so they could pick what to get me but something they’d know I’d like. I don’t like it when I know what people are getting me. The surprise is the best part!

Lynne: A leather jacket – I’ve been shamelessly hinting that this is what I’d like, and I’m fairly confident I’ll find it under the tree on Christmas morning!

Ana: New clothes! I’ve lost so much weight this year, I definitely need new clothes as everything is getting too big.

2. If money were no object, what would you buy yourself for Christmas?

Christa: I would probably get myself a round-the-world plane ticket (and pay for accommodation as well if money’s no object), or be a bit more considerate towards my family and just get all of us (so my mum and two sisters) a great holiday somewhere – possibly New York!

Sophie: Well if money was no object, I’d buy myself a house but that seems a bit extravagant for Christmas! But yes, I’d do that and then make a start on that home library I’m desperate for… 😉

Lynne: A world cruise. I’d book enough cabins so that all my family and friends could come too.

Ana: Ohhh, I’d spend it all on traveling. Would probably travel all year with my family and visit almost every country on the map.

3. What is the best Christmas present you ever received?

Christa: The one that immediately comes to mind is something I got during Christmas in 2011. From my dad I received a ticket to see Wicked the musical during the time I’d be going to London in May. I’d been listening to the soundtrack for probably about two years before this, so I’d desperately wanted to go for quite a while. Come May, I went to see the musical (and upgraded my seat while I was in London so I had a better view) and absolutely loved it. I may or may not have seen it twice since…

Sophie: Ooh – I don’t know! I love stocking fillers rather than one big gift and since I was a kid, my parents bought me lots of little presents and I could never pick a favourite! I just love presents – who doesn’t? I’m always the last to finish opening them because I get carried away with one present and then remember I have a whole stack of others to get through.

Lynne: This is going to sound a bit crazy, but my best Christmas present was a life-size garden statue of a black bear that my husband bought for me secretly in early December, and somehow managed to hide in the house until Christmas morning (I have a lot of animal statues in my garden!).

Ana: Black Converse runners from my parents when I was 14. I’ve received so many other amazing and even more expensive presents ever since, but still these Converse remain the best present as I wanted them so bad! If you believe me, 22 years later, they are still in my closet, though in a poor condition. But will never throw them away as they remind me of my happy childhood.

4. Are you organised and set yourself a shopping budget each year for Christmas or do you always go a bit OTT and regret it come January!?

Christa: I don’t set myself a general budget, but in my mind I know how much I plan to spend on each particular person (because, yes, it does differ per person). I probably do end up spending a little more than I usually plan, but not so much that I regret having spent that money.

Sophie: No budget – just spend, spend, spend and hope everyone likes what they get. I seem to get more and more last minute each year and spend a fortune on next day delivery but rather that than face the shops! My birthday is in October and normally most of my birthday money goes on Christmas presents so I can usually just about afford to treat people.

Lynne: I’m not at all organised, and always go a bit OTT. This does mean I usually have to hibernate for the whole of January, but I don’t regret it!

Ana: Oh wow! Does anyone do it? If you know this person, please get me their contact! I’d love some wisdom when it comes to spending cash, especially around Christmas. So, no… no Christmas budget, however I try not to regret it. As it’s Christmas, everyone deserves to be a bit spoilt.

5. What does the perfect Christmas day look like to you?

Christa: It would be a mix of presents, the fire burning in the fireplace, some delicious food, my family present, cuddles with the dog, and spending some time on the sofa watching Christmas films and snacking on chocolates. Great way to spend the day!

Sophie: The Christmases from when I was younger were perfect to me. Coming down to stacks of presents across the living room floor, wearing silly Christmas crackers hats, my mum cooking Christmas dinner and the day spent watching all that festive TV that you’d never watch any other time of year. And the Top of the Pops Christmas special! Just being at home with my parents and brothers was enough for me, you don’t really how much you’d miss those days until they’re gone. I would like a white Christmas one year soon though.

Lynne: The extended family arriving on Christmas Eve for mulled wine. Everyone up early for Buck’s Fizz. Opening ‘stocking’ presents (including the adults!). A huge Christmas lunch. Opening the presents from under the tree. Playing a traditional board game with the younger members of the family, and then charades for all ages. All very traditional, but with the addition of all of us sitting down to watch a Christmas DVD.

Ana: Kids, family, food. Those are the essentials and everything I need. Loads of cooking and baking, kids running around the Christmas tree and opening up their presents and then visiting parents/in-laws.

6. What is your favourite Christmas film?

Christa: Arthur Christmas, because it’s a great, new film, with lovely characters. But I also love The Grinch – I don’t really have a specific reason, but it’s definitely one of my favourites.

Sophie: I’m not really a huge fan of actual Christmas films, more all the animated films they repeat in the week of Christmas. Am I the only person who doesn’t like Elf? But I do love The Snowman – I’ve watched it every Christmas since I was born, I think.

Lynne: It has to be ‘White Christmas.’

Ana: Definitely Home Alone! Yes, I’m ancient but that movie’s sheer classics! 🙂

7. Lastly, sprouts or no sprouts?!

Christa: I haven’t had sprouts in at least ten years. So definitely no sprouts. Although… I do think sprouts are served with one of the Christmas meals I’m having this year – so who knows! I might be a changed woman after that and love sprouts.

Sophie: Sprouts! I could eat them all year round.

Lynne: Sprouts! It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without them!

Ana: Is this a trick question? 😉


Fab answers ladies! Thank you all so much for dropping by. You can find Christa on Twitter and her brilliant blog. The lovely Sophie has a gorgeous blog and is on Twitter too. Author Lynne is over on Twitter and has a great website. And last, but not least, superwoman Ana is on Twitter and you must visit her fantastic blog

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