Snowflakes At The Star And Sixpence

Hands up if you think the title of this book is gorgeous!? Yep, I knew it wasn’t just me.

I am so excited to bring you a Q&A with the lovely Holly Hepburn today and to also review her super festive novella Snowflakes At The Star And Sixpence.

Snowdrops at the Star and Sixpence is your first and very festive novel in the Star and Sixpence series. Can you describe the book in just three words!?

Sparkly, romantic, warm!

The book focuses on two sisters, Sam and Nessie, who inherit a run-down pub in a lovely country village. What made you want to explore the relationship between sisters?

I don’t have any sisters, so it’s a relationship that has always fascinated me, and I like the way Sam and Nessie are very different but they understand each other really well. And I wanted to explore their relationship with their father too, the way they come to terms with the man he was and the man he became after he left them. I suppose in a way Sam and Nessie let me experience a little of what it means to be sisters.

snowdrops-at-the-star-and-sixpence-9781471150081_hrI am excited to read the rest of the novellas in this series! Can you give us any teasers about what we can expect from the next book?!

The next installment is actually a special Valentine’s short story, where we find out a little more about the secret that drove Sam from London and get to spend some time with the delectable Nick Borrowdale. And in Summer at The Star and Sixpence, the sisters open up the pub to overnight guests and Sam’s past really comes back to haunt her…

If you had inherited a run-down country pub, how would you renovate it?

The Star and Sixpence is actually my dream project! I’d love to do what Sam and Nessie have done – take an old building and give it a new lease of life, without destroying its character or history. I’d like to have some accommodation to play hotels with too – my uncle used to manage some of the biggest, most glamorous London hotels (Grosvenor House, The Landmark) so it’s always been an interest of mine.

What is the best and worst Christmas present you have ever received?

The worst is easy – one year I received a second-hand, discontinued Argos lava lamp from my Secret Santa! And the best is probably the Ryan Gosling colouring book a friend gave me last year – I’ve spent many happy days with that.

Are you a huge organiser at Christmas or do you leave everything to the last minute?

I confess to being fairly organised – I buy wrapping paper, tags and cards straight after Christmas and keep them for the following year. And I start shopping in earnest during September – it helps me get into a festive mood. I love to spend December evenings writing cards and wrapping presents with a crackling fire soundtrack playing in the background and a glass of red close at hand.

And, lastly, mince pies or Christmas cake?! 

Waah, I can’t choose! If you really pushed me I’d have to say mince pies – I have a boozy crumble-topped recipe that makes them totally irresistible.

Go and follow Holly on Twitter for all updates about the rest of the series!

My Review

Now I have to admit I didn’t even need to read the blurb to know I’d love this novella. I mean the title and cover pretty much sum it up: awesomeness. I loved loved loved this cute introduction to the sisters and their inherited country pub. We learn a lot in such a short space of time but there is just enough intrigue left to leave us aching for the next novella in the series! (I just want to read them all in one go!!) The characters of Sam and Nessie are beautifully flawed which made them all the more likeable and realistic. Their relationship felt real too – just the right amount of bickering to make it seem viable ;).

There are, of course, some potential romantic propositions and Holly wrote them very well, I even found myself doing a little swooning! I can’t wait to watch these develop further over the course of the next three novellas. In fact I can’t wait to see how everything develops. There are a few secrets that we’re still waiting to find out so I am eagerly awaiting the next bite sized delight.

This is the perfect little Christmas novella this winter. Snuggle in front of the fire with a mince pie and get whisked away to the snowy countryside! What more could you want?!

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