My Favourite Christmas Food


Sooooooo I love food. I reaaaaallly love food. And Christmas is a time when I get to eat LOTS of food. And, well, I’m cool with that.

I thought I’d talk you through my top five foods to eat at Christmas because YUM.

5. Sprouts with cream and bacon. 

Does anyone else do this?! Every year my mum shreds up sprouts, fries them, adds in some bacon and then just before serving mixes cream in. AND OH MY GOD. It’s like everything I love rolled into one. I like sprouts most of the time, but when you put them with bacon and cream then you’ve basically got the key to my heart. I LOVE IT.

4. Mini pizzas (well, mini anything really) 

NOTHING screams Christmas louder than huge, frozen party platters. My favourite party platter item of choice is the mini pizza. It’s so small but tasty – the bubbling tomato sauce, the stringy cheese, the soft yet crunchy base. MMMMM I could eat a whole box of them. (I have before, oops) Also, can we just talk about mini toad in the holes that I’ve seen this year?! WHAT. MAGIC.

3. Pigs in blankets

I’m sure, much like all the other food I’ve talked about, you can eat these any time of the year. However it feels like cheating to eat pigs in blankets at any other time of the year. They’re small heart-attacks waiting to happen but ya know, I am partial to a sausage or two. (not an innuendo) Christmas dinner wouldn’t feel complete if the pigs in blankets weren’t there!

2. Biscuits

Yeah, yeah, I know you can have biscuits at any time of the year but they always just taste so much better at Christmas. They feel more indulgent at Christmas (probs cos they come in a posh tin and not a packet) and I feel all sophisticated passing around the biscuit tin. My favourite are the big tins that Cadbury’s produce. I love everything Cadbury’s make and when they put their chocolate on biscuits, heaven becomes an achievable notion. MMM CHOCOLATE.

1. Profiteroles

I hate mince pies. I hate Christmas cake. My Christmas day dessert is often cheesecake, a chocolate cake or PROFITEROLES. Ahh man I love them. They’re the perfect way to round off a meal and they are always so moreish. Fluffy, crispy pastry filled with oozing whipped cream, topped with melting warm chocolate. Ooo yes please. Any day.

What are your favourite Christmas day foods? Is there something you always have to have? Or is there something you loathe?! Let me know 🙂 

I have some rather lovely people answering some foodie Christmas questions today! Lovely bloggers Nat and Simona plus the dynamic duo Laura and Jimmy (authors extraordinaire) are getting involved!

1. What is your favourite Christmas food?

Nat: It has to be the Christmas dinner, Roast Turkey with all the trimmings yum yum

Simona: Only one?! Well, I love love love Christmas cookies! And Christmas for me always means Fondue Chinoise, which is our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. It’s meat fondue, so yummy!

2. Are you the one slaving over the oven making the Christmas dinner or do you stay well away!?  

Nat: We share the cooking. I love cooking so I really enjoy cooking the Christmas dinner.

Simona: Let’s say I help, I don’t do the main work, but I have my certain tasks: like little nibbles for start and the dessert.

3. Are you more of a savoury or sweet person? Do you love the huge sharing bags or crisps or are you the one likely to be stealing the Christmas biscuits?

Nat: You will normally find me on the sofa with a huge sharing bag of crisps. Which I don’t share hahahaha

Simona: Well, I do love Christmas biscuits and chocolate, but I’m still more the savoury/salty kind of person, crisps all the way!!!

4. What would be your dream Christmas dinner?

Nat: I’m very traditional so I love it how it is roast turkey and all the trimmings

Simona: Oh my god, that is a very good question, I do love what we have every year. But a yummy Italian salad with lots of cucumbers and tomatoes would be fab to start with. For the main course I’d go for steak or something like that with pasta or fries, a yummy vegetable and sauce. And for dessert: TIRAMISU.

5. Do you make your own Christmas cake or mince pies each year?

Nat: Sometimes it depends how busy I am . I am thinking about making a Christmas cake this year. I think you are suppose to make it the Sunday before advent (stir up Sunday)

Simona: I always bake our own Christmas cookies, it just so much fun!

6. What’s the top thing on your Christmas list this year?

Nat: books books and more books

Simona: Trying Christmas from other countries would be fab, I’d like to try new things. I could do that with the kids at school actually 😉

7. Lastly, what is your Christmas tipple of choice? 

Nat: On Christmas eve and on Christmas day evening we always have champagne so this has to be my favorite tipple

Simona: Strawberry liqueur with prosecco, it’s SO good! Or Mulled Wine 😉


Ladies, thank you for your fab answers!! Simona can be found on Twitter and on her beautiful blog. Nat also has Twitter and an equally beautiful blog


I also had the chance to catch up with some of my fave peeeps evaaaaa. Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice are two of my favourite authors so was thrillllled when they wanted to get involved! I managed to squeeze in a few cheeky questions about The Night That Changed Everything too!

1. What is your favourite Christmas food?

LT: I love Christmas dinner and always eat way too much, but the best bit is the turkey sandwiches a few hours later. Despite the fact I always announce after dinner that “I’m never eating again”.

JR: Christmas food is rubbish. Turkey, sprouts, nuts you can’t open, mince pies, Christmas cake, those boxes of sweets where you have to chuck half of them away because they’re Bounty or Fudge.

LT: Bounty and Fudge are my favourites – don’t through them away…give them to me!

2. Are you the one slaving over the oven making the Christmas dinner or do you stay well away!?  

LT: My mum is all over it. She’s a brilliant cook. There were 18 of us last year and she managed to keep a cool head, time everything perfectly and even offer a choice of three different starters and desserts. I don’t know how the f*** she does it.

JR: Well away. My jobs at Christmas are to drive everyone home after nights out, because I don’t drink much, and to fix or set up or provide a tutorial on whatever technology my mum has bought since my last visit home.

3. Are you more of a savoury or sweet person? Do you love the huge sharing bags or crisps or are you the one likely to be stealing the Christmas biscuits?

LT: Savoury. That said, I did stand at the open fridge last Boxing Day and eat the best part of a huge trifle with a teaspoon.

JR: Laura is always saying how sweet I am.

LT: I don’t care what they say – it’s NOT the lowest form of wit.

4. What would be your dream Christmas dinner?

LT: If my mum wasn’t doing the cooking then I’d probably give the turkey dinner a miss and have a seafood feast. That’s what I had the one Christmas I spent away from home – in Sydney – and it was amazing. Least I think it was… I was hammered by half 9 in the morning.

JR: Chicken karahi with garlic naan.

5. Do you make your own Christmas cake or mince pies each year?

LT: My mum makes both in November and freezes them. Really wish I’d inherited her organisational skills.

JR: Erm….

6. What’s the top thing on your Christmas list this year?

JR: After years of getting “comedy” gifts from my mum I’ve suggested she gives me money instead this time around. I can then sit back and enjoy my stepdad opening his presents from her. Last year he got a rake.

LT: I started to say I have no idea, but I just got an alert saying Aladdin The Musical is coming to London next year, so right now it’s tickets for that. I’ve also now got “Prince Ali, fabulous he, Ali Ababwa, stronger than ten regular men, naturally” stuck in my head.

JR: Just make sure it stays in your head, yeah?

7. Lastly, what is your Christmas tipple of choice? 

JR: I’ll probably be driving but I’ll have a small brandy, please.

LT: I love a hot cider in a cosy pub with a roaring fire.

The night that everything changed PB.indd8. The Night That Changed Everything is your VERY much awaited second novel. Can you tell us anything at all about what we can expect?!

LT: You can expect to both laugh and cry. And if you don’t, it’s nothing to do with the book – you’re just dead inside.

JR: My favourite comment so far is by our editor, Harriet Bourton, who said the book breaks most of the rules for writing a rom com, but somehow still works.

9. Was it easier writing a novel together the second time around? 

LT: Writing it was easier, as we learnt so much the first time round – both about writing a book and about each other. Editing it was much harder, as we started with quite a tricky structure, and every little thing we changed had a huge knock-on effect on the other person’s chapter.

JR: It’s a little bit like recording a second album. You get your whole life to write the first, then the record company, or in our case the publishers, understandably want you to write the next one quickly so you can build momentum. Hopefully The Night That Changed Everything is more The Bends than Second Coming.

LT: You need to listen to some music that wasn’t recorded 20 years ago.

10. How many arguments have you had over the plot?! 

LT: I think the plot is the only thing we didn’t argue about.

JR: *Makes mental note to discuss Laura’s prickly tone in interviews*


I’m lucky enough to have already read The Night That Changed Everything and omgggg it’s AMAZING. I cannot recommend it enough. Please, please, please, pre-order it. You shall not regret it! Also, go give Laura and Jimmy a follow on the ol’ Twitter.

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