My Favourite Christmas Films

YAY! It is time to watch ALLLLLL of the Christmas films with buckets of hot chocolate, blankets and candles flickering away in the background. Man, I love a Christmas film. I’ve managed to narrow down my favourite Christmas films to just TEN. How I managed this I’ll never know! I hope you enjoy 🙂

What are your favourite Christmas films? Are there any that I should have included on my list?!

I asked the lovely Chloe, Elle and Kelly all about their Christmas film choices…

1. What is your most favourite Christmas film of all time?!

Chloe: It’s got to be Home Alone. I have such fond memories of watching it with my brother and our parents when we were little, and now I do the same with my own son Harry – the humour is just perfect, it feels so festive, and who doesn’t want to live in Kevin’s amazing house?!

Elle: That would have to be Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. It was the first film I ever saw at the cinema, and it’s been my favourite Christmas film ever since.

Kelly: It has to be Miracle on 34th Street (1994) there is something about it which reminds me of my childhood and its a fantastic film

2. Is there a film you have to watch every Christmas without fail?  

Chloe: Home Alone is definitely one, as is Jingle All The Way which we usually have on when we put up our Christmas tree. We also like to watch one of the Nativity films, Arthur Christmas and The Santa Clause all have to be watched each year! I’m determined to get Harry to watch Elf this year, it’s one of my favourites and I always watch it at least once a year!

Elle: Absolutely, and unsurprisingly it’s also my favourite Christmas movie! Christmas isn’t Christmas unless I’ve watched Home Alone 2 and, of course, the first Home Alone film. Sometimes I’ll even watch them twice!

Kelly: Home Alone!

3. If you could spend the day in a Christmas film, which would you choose?

Chloe: Home Alone 2, so I could go back to New York at Christmas! I went 10 years ago this year, and it was amazing – I would love to go back, especially for the festive season.

Elle: I’d pick How the Grinch Stole Christmas because Whoville looks awesome! (Well, as long as the Grinch isn’t around trying to destroy everything.)

Kelly: Arthur Christmas, he just seems really sweet

4. If you could share a sneaky kiss under the mistletoe with an actor, who would you choose?!

Chloe: At the moment, it would have to be Taylor Kinney from Chicago Fire – that Lady Gaga is a lucky girl!One of our crochet blankets, hot chocolate with marshmallows in our Christmas mugs, and sat in the dark with just the telly and Christmas tree lights for company 🙂

Elle: Henry Cavill, without a doubt! (Just don’t tell my boyfriend!)

Kelly: Patrick Dempsey….

5. What are your film watching staples? A fluffy blanket? Hot chocolate? Big pile of toast?!

Chloe: One of our crochet blankets, hot chocolate with marshmallows in our Christmas mugs, and sat in the dark with just the telly and Christmas tree lights for company 🙂

Elle: Film watching essentials include wearing my giraffe kigu with some thick woolly socks whilst drinking a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and a dash of Baileys. The Christmas tree lights will be twinkling and the fire will be crackling away. Bliss!

Kelly: cup of tea, treats and a blanket

6. Are you a mega organiser at Christmas and have everything ready well in advance or do you leave everything to the last minute?

Chloe: I have to be organised – the thought of getting into December without having brought anything makes me feel a bit funny! I have got my wrapping paper and cards already (writing this in November!), many of Harry’s pressies have been brought and I’ve got a list ready to buy for my family 🙂

Elle: I always pick up my real Christmas tree on December 1st without fail and I’m usually all sorted with a week to go – definitely mega organised!

Kelly: I am mega organised, it is such a busy time of year that I like to get started early. No last minute rushing with the crowds

7. Lastly, sprouts or no sprouts?! 

Chloe: I don’t especially like them, but you’ve got to have a few sprouts with Christmas dinner!

Elle: I can’t believe you’d ask this question… Yuck! No sprouts for me.

Kelly: no sprouts!


Cor, sprouts aren’t popular with this lot! Thanks ladies for your great answers 🙂 

Chloe has a great blog and you can find her on Twitter too. Elle has written some fab books so go check out her website and follow her on Twitter! Kelly is also on Twitter and has a lovely blog too! 

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