Christmas Traditions


I’m a lover of traditions and find comfort in doing the same thing year in year out for Christmas. My family isn’t religious so Christmas to us is a time for family and really spending some quality time together.

I’ve listed five of my favourite Christmas Traditions below!

5. Playing Board Games

This is probably one of my favourite parts of Christmas – playing board games with my family. Once my mum and dad have finished work for Christmas we start to play board games during the days leading up until Christmas and tend to play them up until the New Year too. We have a huge cupboard full to the brim with board games that we raid each year – our favourites tend to be The Logo Game, Monopoly and Cluedo! However, it can sometimes end in an argument or two and accusations of cheating!!


When my dad walks through the front door with The Christmas Radio Times I tend to hyperventilate and run upstairs to grab a highlighter. I LOVE sitting there highlighting all the Christmas TV we can watch as a family and there’s nothing nicer than seeing the Radio Times sitting around every day in the lead up to Christmas & The New Year, it’s like a constant, reassuring presence and honestly, Christmas wouldn’t feel like Christmas without it!

3. The Chocolate Tub/Tin

Every Christmas for as long as I can remember, my Granddad always buys us a tin of Quality Streets or Celebrations or Roses and they sit in the lounge and have many hands dip in and out over the festive period. Although one thing I can’t abide is people putting empty wrappers back in…there’s nothing like thinking you’ve stumbled upon the last Golden Penny to find someone has eaten it and put the wrapper back in. There’s no other disappointment like it.

2. Boxing Day 

Boxing day tends to be my favourite day of Christmas – it’s when we see most family and have a huge buffet and play board games with each other. It’s so lovely to spend time as a family with no pressure and stress of work (which tends to be the main cause of stress throughout the year!) Everyone is happy and smiley and it makes me feel all warm and cosy inside to know that the people I love most are all in the same room together.

1. Watching Gavin & Stacey

Ever since the Christmas episode of Gavin & Stacey aired, I’ve made sure to watch it every year. It tends to be on TV around Christmas anyway, but I have the DVD just in case! It’s so funny and even after watching it so many times and knowing what’s going to happen, it never gets old. Definitely a tradition I can’t see ending anytime soon! *impersonates Nessa* OH, OH, OH, MERRY CHRISTMAS.


The lovely Pat and Stephanie dropped by to answer some questions about Christmas Traditions. Are there any traditions you have in your family? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


1. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

Pat: Favourite Christmas tradition is Midnight Mass.

Stephanie: It’s so hard to pick! But I love watching christmas movies! I usually start with the trifecta (Elf, Home Alone and ChristmasVacation) in November to get me warmed up and then re watch them again in late dec. Between then I usually go for one a week (Santa Clause, Scrooged etc). It’s not christmas without them, along with Mariah Carey’s infamous song.

2. Does your Christmas day follow the same routine each year or do you love changing it each time?  

Pat: Mostly Christmas is the same routine, unless I’m asleep before midnight!

Stephanie: It followed the exact same routine to the hour for 31 years but I recently got married so things are starting to change. It’s a strange feeling.

3. Which Christmas traditions would you like to see the end of?!

Pat: Christmas pudding! I hate sultanas and raisins, don’t do alcohol – so it’s one pudding I wouldn’t miss.

Stephanie: Kids asking for (and getting) a million presents that are mostly junk and will end up in the landfill by the end of the year. I feel like if they picked one, they would cherish it more.  I know I did.

4. Do you think people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas? Or do you think it has evolved into something that is more inclusive?

Pat: I’m sure if there was a poll most people would name Jesus’ birth as the reason for Christmas. Of course, it is now very commercial, but there’s still a magical feel in the air, as if universal love and kindness is possible. That feeling should be inclusive and I’d hope it is!

Stephanie: I do think some people have forgotten.  For me, it’s always been about being with family and everyone treating each other with a little extra dose of kindness. I hope I never forget that and that at some point, things move away from how many presents you get to just being present in the moment.

5. Do you rush to open all of the presents in the morning or do you wait until after you’ve stuffed yourself full of Turkey?

Pat: I don’t rush first thing, but don’t wait until after dinner, either. After walking our dog in the morning is our usual time for opening presents.

Stephanie: I WANT to rush, but at 32, apparently the kids rules still apply to me.  I was (and still am) only allowed to open my stocking pre 9am. I’m usually up at 7 reading as loud as possible. I tend to fall asleep right after turkey so presents need to be before then if I’m going to be awake.

6. If you could spend Christmas in another part of the world, where would you choose?

Pat: Celebrating Christmas somewhere else in the world, oh that’s difficult – do I choose a place with snow and a roaring fire – or where it all began? Once I’ve won the lottery, I’ll let you know which I choose!

Stephanie: I would love to spend Christmas in Austria, going to the little markets in a village and building snowmen.

7. Lastly, a huge tub of Celebrations or a big tin of Quality Street?! 

Pat: Which one has the hazelnut whirl chocolate? That one. Can you tell I don’t usually eat either?  I’d prefer something savoury. Cranberry & Brie in filo pastry parcels.

Stephanie: ALLLLLL of the above.  I will take down any festive treat put in front of me.


Thanks ladies for your entertaining answers! If you want to find out more about Pat you can find her on Twitter and visit her website. Stephanie is also on Twitter and has a very lovely website too! 🙂 

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