My Christmas Book Recommendations!

Christmas Books 2015 bannerHello and welcome to day one of my Christmas Countdown! I really really hope you enjoy the festive posts over the next twenty four days and enjoy reading the Q&A’s with some bloggers and authors as much as I have!

Today is all about My Christmas Book Recommendations for 2015. Now it was super hard to limit it to just five to include in the video but, I chose five that hopefully you will love!

If you want any more recommendations then The Twelve Dates Of Christmas is a MUST and Christmas At Lilac Cottage will make you feel all warm and snug!

The lovely Rea (award winning book blogger extraordinaire!) has joined me today to talk about Christmas books!

1. What is your most favourite Christmas book of all time?!  

Ok now the kid in me is going to come out it has to be The Jolly Christmas Postman I still have my original copy with all the little inserts complete in their envelopes and I get it out and read through it again every Christmas I can not bare to part with it.

2. Which is the best Christmas book you’ve read this year?  

I am still working my way through them but so far I would have to say Christmas Ever After as it felt festive right the way through where as so many Christmas themed books I have found only briefly touch on Christmas dispute their stunning Christmassy covers!

3. What does a Christmas book NEED to have to make it perfect?

It needs a handsome bit of eye candy for me to drool over, a chilly comforting setting with lots of snow, presents and lots and lots of humour and love.

4. If you could have one book shaped present under the tree this year, which book would you love to see?

I would love to have How to Be Really Productive as I have heard great things about it and I think it could help get me on the right track for 2016.

5. Hot chocolate and a mince pie or a slice of Christmas cake and a glass of wine whilst reading?

I’m really not a fan of mince pies or Christmas cake as they seem to be missing a key ingredient CHOCOLATE! So I will just settle for the Hot chocolate as long as it has cream and marshmellow to make up for the lack of cake!

6. If you could plan the perfect Christmas day, what would it involve?

Wake up in the morning and watch The Happy Elf with a cup of tea and a pain au chocolate whilst raiding my Christmas stocking. Then opening presents with the family. Sitting down for dinner with all the trimmings and then diving into the chocolate profiterole mountain! Then it is time to play silly games sat around with stickers on our heads trying to guess who is who or our favourite Rapidough game.

7. Lastly, a huge tub of Celebrations or a massive tin of Quality Street?

Ooooo that is an easy one Quality Street all the way they are tradition Christmas chocolates and I have been known to open the tub early to raid the green triangles then recellotape the tub back up! Shhhhhh!


You heard it here first, people! Rea is a chocolate thief!! Never trust her with a tin of Quality Streets 😉

You can find the lovely Rea on Twitter and check out her super, awesome, amazing blog.

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