Christmas Countdown Schedule!


I can’t wait for Christmas so I thought I’d start a little countdown in the run up to the big day! I’m so thankful to all of the authors and bloggers who have wanted to be involved. It is set to be a fab month!

Here’s what to expect…!


1st – Christmas Books 2015 Vlog

2nd – Lisa Dickenson Q&A

3rd – My Favourite Christmas Songs

4th – Judy Astley Q&A and review

5th – Christmas Traditions

6th – Review of How To Stuff Up Christmas by Rosie Blake

7th – My Love Of Giving Gifts!

8th – Chrissie Manby Q&A

9th – My Favourite Christmas Films Vlog

10th – Greedy Guts! My Favourite Christmas Food

11th – Review Of A Christmas Tail by Cressida McLaughlin

12th – My Favourite Christmas Memories

13th – Holly Hepburn Q&A and review

14th – My Christmas Wish List (if money were no object!)

15th – Review of Make A Christmas Wish by Julia Williams

16th – Katey Lovell Q&A and review

17th – Samantha Tonge Q&A

18th – Emma Hamilton Q&A

19th – Christmas TV I Can’t Wait To Watch

20th – My Top 15 Books From 2015

21st – My Christmas Day Plans

22nd – 16 Books I Can’t Wait For In 2016

23rd – My Hopes For 2016

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