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Childhood fear: the dentist.

Adult fear: if I’m honest, the dentist.

There’s something about a dental surgery that just makes me think of a torture chamber in disguise. When I was a kid they were far worse than they are now – none of this super-fast drill stuff like today; then the drill, which had a bit that looks like you could use it for oil exploration, was activated by a complex pulley system that was noisy and quite possibly steam-powered. And even though I wasn’t actually strapped into the chair, I may as well have been because I was rigid with fear and couldn’t move. That scene from Marathon Man, where Laurence Olivier gets out the pliers still fills me with dread. And – this is absolutely true – the dentist I was dragged to as a kid was called Dr Paine, and his nurse was a Miss Callas. Need I say more?

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