My Love Affair With eBooks

For a long time I was team paperback. The idea of reading a book digitally was silly – why would I need to do that when I could hold a real book and feel real pages slipping through my fingers? But recently my love for eBooks has almost taken over my love for paperbacks and I shall tell you why!

I started off with a Kobo e-reader many years ago and it wasn’t great! It was one of the first e-readers they’d ever created and whilst it fulfilled its purpose, it wasn’t a very enjoyable experience. I was then very kindly gifted a Kindle after a friend no longer wanted it and I fell in love with the easy way to navigate Amazon eBooks and the Kindle. However the one thing I craved was to have a back-light on the e-reader so I could read in the dark without having to get out of bed to turn a light on and off.

kindleSo when I saw Tesco had a deal on a Kindle Fire I jumped at the chance and bought myself a Kindle Fire HD7. And I love it.

Every night I tuck myself up in bed and can read for hours and hours with the back-lit screen. It don’t need both hands to turn the pages, it’s not heavy, I can switch between books without having to get out of bed. It’s perfect. And, what’s better is it tells me exactly how far through the book I am, how many pages I have left, how many minutes it will take me to finish the chapter I’m on. It’s just magic!!

Another plus point is eBooks take up no physical space. It means I don’t have to find extra shelf (floor) space to hold even more books! When you order an eBook it arrives instantly, there’s no waiting around for the postman to deliver it so you can start reading straight away. And, recently I’d discovered that libraries offer you the chance to borrow eBooks! It’s such a great idea and means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your sofa to borrow books you want to read. Plus you’re not destroying trees!

I think eBooks are a wonderful invention! I adore reading them and it really enriches the reading experience for me. I understand that some people don’t like or enjoy reading them but for me they’re a brilliant thing. However that doesn’t mean I still don’t love a paperback or hardback!!

Do you love eBooks? Or are you a firm paperback lover? 

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