Harry Potter The Character Vault

I was a bit of a latecomer to the Harry Potter world. Growing up I remember being read and given the first three books but it was never something I was thoroughly interested in. I was more interested in Jacqueline Wilson and Animal Ark books to care about a wizard! However as I’ve got older I’ve been forced by many people to pick the books up and give them another go. Last year I read the books and could understand why there was so much love for the world J K Rowling had created.

My brother is a very reluctant reader and despite being a very big lover of the Harry Potter films, he’d never read the books. However when I discovered Titan’s books on Harry Potter this totally changed. Last Christmas I bought my brother The Harry Potter Creature Vault and Harry Potter Film Wizardry (whilst this isn’t published by Titan it is very similar to their books). My brother couldn’t have been happier and they encouraged him to pick up the books and read them for the first time.

So when Titan books got in touch and asked if I wanted to review The Character Vault I jumped at the chance. Knowing that my brother would be over the moon to have another book to add to the collection.


This book is GORGEOUS. It is a beautiful hardback which has a lovely textured cover. I have to say though that the end papers are my most favourite part!


The content of the book is incredible with over two hundred pages stuffed to the brim with information about each character from Harry Potter. They feature multiple, large images from the films and there are so many surprises lurking within the pages.

The back cover also holds a fantastic surprise in the form of two posters that are neatly tucked inside a paper pocket. My brother can’t wait to frame these and hang them on the wall!


This book is beautiful and I am very thankful to Titan Books for sending one my way! Thank you!

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