The Broken Hearts Book Club

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After devouring Lynsey’s debut Just The Way You Are I was so excited to start reading her second novel The Broken Hearts Book Club. The title grabbed me immediately and the cover only added to the excitement about picking this book up!

Lucy is back home in her childhood village Luna Bay for the funeral of her lovely Nana. For the past eight years she’s been living in London and finds it hard to return to Luna Bay after she ran away all those years ago. She’s avoided Christmases at home and for the past eight years has managed to avoid the place that caused her so much heartbreak. But, with her Nana’s funeral and Lucy being written into the will, Luna Bay seems to be calling her back.

In the will Lucy is left her Nana’s gorgeous Rose Cottage but only on one condition: she runs The Broken Hearts Book Club for three months. Lucy doesn’t know what the book club is or that her Nana even ran a book club but as she starts to find out more about the people in the club and remembers the fonder memories of time in Luna Bay, Lucy begins to wonder if it’s where she truly belongs. And, with a gorgeous new pub owner in the form of Jake, life starts to look a little bit more rosy.

I adored this book. From the gorgeous setting of Luna Bay to the highly likable protagonist, The Broken Hearts Book Club was a total treat. I managed to read this book in just two evenings, snuggled in bed, completely whisked away to such a magical fictional world. I wished I could be in Luna Bay with all the characters!

There is an air of mystery that floats throughout the book linked to Lucy’s past which really kept me glued to the plot wanting to know what had happened. The attitude some of the residents of Luna Bay had towards Lucy were awful and I wanted to know what Lucy had done to cause such upset all those years ago. I felt such sympathy for Lucy as it wasn’t her fault yet some people still treated her so badly.

My favourite aspect of this book was the relationship between Lucy and Jake. Whilst it completely isn’t smooth sailing, they have such an instant and beautiful connection that they know neither of them want to give up on. Despite life throwing them some serious curve-balls they both know that what they want most in life is each other.The scenes between them were so charged with passion and happiness that I just wanted to cheer every time they were with each other.

However, the best part of this book was the eponymous Broken Hearts Book Club. What a great idea! A group of people who are all united through their broken hearts whether it’s from the death of a loved one or pet – each of them had a heart that needed to be fixed. Through books they were able to explore the feelings of loss and as Lucy finds out more about them all she thinks she might just be able to mend some of the broken hearts.

This book was so lovely. It was full of love, explorations of loss and explored what can happen when you run from the past instead of facing it head on. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend! I can’t wait to see what is next from Lynsey!

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