Dream A Little Dream


I pounced on this book when it arrived in our delivery last week. Working in a bookshop, we often get books in ahead of publication date and as soon as I saw the orangey hue of Giovanna’s new cover, I grabbed a copy and put it aside, ready to buy at the end of my shift!

After work I went straight to the Costa opposite the shop and got straight down to reading it!

Dream A Little Dream is the story of Sarah who seems to be ticking along just fine. She’s got a job, lives with her friend, has a weekly quiz night at the pub and is FINE with the fact she still hangs out with her ex and his new girlfriend. But when she starts having vivid dreams, she begins to wonder if her waking life can end up being as perfect as her dreams. When her dream man starts becoming a permanent fixture in her life, the last thing she expects is for her dream man, Brett, to appear in real life. But, when he does, Sarah has to try and distinguish between Dream Brett and Real Brett who are two very different people…

Sarah has to work out whether reality can ever be better than your dreams or are dream men only dream men for a reason?

I LOVED this book. Gi’s two previous books Billy And Me and You’re The One That I Want were both brilliant so I was worried that her third novel wouldn’t be able to match up to the previous two, but it does! It really does.

Dream A Little Dream is one of those books you can start reading and not look up from the book until you’re halfway through it. I was so drawn into the character’s lives and invested in the plot that hours passed by and I had no desire to put the book down. Books like this are the BEST!

Sarah was a fantastic protagonist who I warmed to straight away – she was the kind of person I wanted to be friends with! I couldn’t help but admire her for her kindness and friendliness. In the beginning she was a slight bit of a walkover and often put up with a load of crap but as the plot progressed, she grew in strength and became such a strong and independent woman who was a complete role model.

I adored the fact Sarah’s dream man suddenly came into her life and the juxtaposition between the dream Brett and real Brett was fantastic – each one had their quirks and their plus points and it was hilarious to watch Sarah try and navigate the tricky path between the two of them. She managed it much better than I would have!

The cast of characters that surrounded Sarah were fantastic. There was her gorgeous flat mate, her ex-boyfriend and his new partner, her quiz team, her boss, her colleagues…there were so many characters but each one seemed to play a key part in Sarah’s life and each one brought something to the plot. I hate it when characters seem to appear for no reason, but every character we met had a reason to be there.

Whilst Dream A Little Dream was predominantly upbeat and had a gorgeous love story at the heart of it, it also addressed some sensitive topics. I’m not going to talk about them because it will spoil the plot but I just wanted to say how fantastic Gi dealt with these issues. She can write about any topic with suck skill and compassion.

I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it!

Dream A Little Dream is the perfect book to read on the beach, by the pool or in the garden this summer. It is compelling and addictive and will keep you glued to the pages. Also, if you pop to Waterstones, you will get a free short story at the back too! Which is a total bonus.

I cannot wait for Gi’s next book now! She seems to get better with each book she writes and her voice is really starting to come through and become recognisable. I am so excited to see what comes next!

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