Brighton Book Haul!

Yesterday I went to the lovely seaside town of Brighton! The Man was off for a photography meet up with some of his photography friends and I decided to tag along and go and do some shopping! And when I say shopping, I mean book shopping!

I had done a little research and seen there were a few little independent bookshops in Brighton as well as a FIVE FLOOR Waterstones so my excitement was high! In the end I only managed to find Waterstones and City Books (after a lot of getting lost) so only went to two bookshops, however I did pick up a few books in both shops so am going to do a quick haul for you! P1040655

The first shop I went into was Waterstones. It was HUGE! Five whole floors with one whole floor dedicated to kids books!! (Heaven) I spent over an hour looking at books and trying to decide whether I was going to buy anything. Luckily, because I work in Waterstones in Canterbury I get a discount in all of the stores so I managed to get a few books with a nice little discount to make it less of a strain on my already empty purse!

I bought six books which are all books I’ve wanted for a while and haven’t been able to afford. So I decided to treat myself!

I love these 80p Penguin Little Black Classics. I never got round to buying that many of them and sadly our store completely sold out so when I saw they had a large stash left in Brighton, I got to work choosing a few. I only found two that I really wanted but was happy nonetheless that I did find those two!


The third and fourth books I bought were slightly ‘classic’ choices I suppose, in the sense they are books I’ve wanted to pick up based on recommendations and people telling me they are books I just HAVE to read before I die! I have read part of The Bell Jar before but never actually had my own copy and All My Friends Are Superheroes is one I’ve wanted to read but never bought so I’m glad I found both of these!


The final two books I bought are more contemporary books. One by Judy Blume which should be on everyone’s bookshelf! Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margret? and Me And Earl And The Dying Girl which has or is soon to be made into a film. I’ve wanted this book for ages but it was always only available as an American paperback but it seems that now it is turned into a film, there is a nice English paperback version! Hurrah.


P1040651I then went to City Books which promised to be the largest and liveliest independent bookshop in Brighton and Hove. I was a little disappointed when I turned up, sadly. It wasn’t particularly lively and felt a bit dark and dreary. The kids section was in the basement which had a nice range of stock but sadly just looked a little unloved and there were boxes of books all around which ruined the aesthetics a little! I was really hoping for a fresh and clean and totally beautiful independent shop but it fell a bit flat of my expectations! However, I’ve always had visions of what I would do if I ever had the chance to own a bookshop and I think I’m always forever comparing my dream shop against those real ones. I felt guilty about leaving empty handed as it would be a shame to seen any independent bookshop close so I bought two books.

I have to say though they did have an impressive amount of signed stock and they had a few offers on books, mainly books with a few pounds off.

I only spent £7.98 in City Books and got one book and an essay.


I have wanted to read The Storied Life Of A J Fikry ever since I saw it at work and I finally plummeted for it and decided to buy it when it had £2 off so it was only £5.99. And I also picked up this cute little essay by Julian Barnes about his relationship and love of books.

It was a really interesting experience being able to go to a Waterstones in a different part of the country and see how they do their book selling. And it was interesting as well to be able to go into an independent bookshop and see the things that they offer.

All in all it was a lovely day in Brighton and after I’d been shopping, The Man and I met up for some dinner in a pub near the station called Grand Central. He had hake with chorizo and a chickpea and tomato sauce and I had a big, unhealthy burger with chips! Then we hopped on the train and made the two hour journey home!

All in all a lovely day out!

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