Ten Things I Love About Summer

Eeeeeeeee! Summer is nearly here people. IT IS NEARLY HERE. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this fact. Already the sun is starting to shine slightly more often than it has done in a while and this makes me smile SO wide.

So what better way to get excited than think about the things I just cannot wait for this summer?!

1. Reading In The Garden 

Oh man. What better feeling is there than sitting in the glorious sunshine, book in hand, cold drink in the other? The bees gently buzzing past, sunglasses, the smell of suncream, cold, delicious, crunchy salads. ARGH. I cannot deal with how happy the thought of days spent in the sunshine like this make me. ALTHOUGH can we just have a conversation about WHY books curl up in the warm sun?!

IMG_36502. Early Morning Walks 

One thing I LOVE about summer is how gorgeously warm and yummy the early mornings can be. I love shoving my headphones in, turning my audio-book up and getting some early morning exercise. I love walking along the coast, walking right next to the sea. The fresh smell is a great way to start any morning off and giving your body the chance to wake up gently is better than any harsh and strenuous work out class!

3. BBQ’s

Ahhh yes, the absolute quintessential British way to spend a warm weekend. The smell of gorgeous meat sizzling away and the crunch of lettuce and the joy of creamy potato salad. OH NO. My mouth is now watering at the thought of a BBQ! But seriously, is there a better way to enjoy food and friendship than a BBQ outside in the warm sun?

4. Writing 

I love writing in the summer. The sun seems to be such a motivator to getting anything done and when you know that you have hours of gorgeous daylight, you can’t help but feel motivated to pick up the pen or laptop. Although procrastination still occurs. Regularly.

5. The Smell Of Cut Grass

Ooooo I just LOVE it. However I am starting to wonder if I have hay-fever as I find the smell makes me a little teary and gives me the sneezes now…

I love it when the garden lawn is cut as the smell and sound is just summer in a nutshell for me.

6. Strawberries And Cream 

Yes ok, I know I sound like a Wimbledon fan but strawberries are just AWESOME in the summer. They’re so juicy and moreish and, most of all, are SO CHEAP. I love eating them all year round but they can get so expensive out of season and are sadly just watery and have no intense flavour to them. But HELLO there summer strawberries. Mmm Mmm MMMMMM. Cream and strawberries in the sunshine. Oh yes please.

7. Getting A Tan

Well, when I say ‘tan’ I mean looking less white than I normally do. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS WEAR SUNCREAM. I love the summer glow your skin gets when you spend time in the sun and how good you feel as your body sucks up all the Vitamin D. But it is so important that you look after your skin and not spend alll day long in the sun without protection and making sure you reapply suncream every few hours.  

8. Summer Evenings

What better way to spend a summer evening than walking hand in hand with the one you love? As the sun slowly sets and the warmth of the day leaves a glorious glow over everything, life just seems to feel a little bit perfect.


Wooo yeah. Well, I tend to eat ice cream all year round but summer ice cream just seems a million times better. Mr Whippy, Callipo, ice cream parlors, sundaes…I love ice cream (and lollies) in all their forms. My favourite are Orange Juice Ice Lollies – these are just divine and help to keep you hydrated in the sun AND if you find the right ones, can count as one of your five a day! And my favourite ice cream is a Hot Chocolate Fudge sundae my local ice cream parlor Morelli’s make. It is just DIVINE.

IMG_474310. Holidays

I haven’t been on a proper summer holiday in YEARS. Sadly it just hasn’t been something our family have been able to afford. However at the beginning of July The Man and I are off on an adventure! We are heading to The Lakes for a few days to go camping…! Camping is a great way to go on holiday and explore a place without having to fork out an arm and a leg for accommodation. In all honesty, I would love a luxury hotel but with limited budget, I am having to embrace camping! The Man is hoping to spend most of the time there climbing mountains and going on long walks (all free activities) and whilst I will probably join him for most, I hope to go off and do some exploring of my own. And maybe even get some writing inspiration…! I am so excited to get some proper time away from everything!

So there are ten things I just LOVE about summer and things I cannot wait to do this year! What do you love most about summer? Have you got anything exciting to look forward to?

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