Summer Is Coming

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes a whole array of new novels. Summer is my favourite time for publishing – the over indulging in chick lit begins and YA stories about summer love hit me right in the feels. As always, I’ve been compiling a large wishlist over the past few months and cannot wait to get my hands on some of these books! I am so lucky to already have read one of these books and have proof copies of a few more so I will eagerly be sharing reviews for those with you soon.

So, without further ado, here are the books I cannot wait to read!


oneThe Sun In Her Eyes by Paige Toon

I am a huge Paige Toon fan so every May/June I get excited at the prospect of a new read to savour. However, Paige’s books are SO addictive and compelling that I normally end up finishing the book before the day is over…whoops! The Sun In Her Eyes follows the story of Amber who flies to Australia to be with her ill father. But, upon arrival she stumbles upon her first love and with a husband at home in London, Amber feels as though she’s living two different lives. Then she receives a letter which changes everything…

twoDream A Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

Giovanna’s third novel has the most striking, sunburnt orange cover which just screams READ ME IN THE SUMMER! Sadly, we are yet to be treated to a blurb so I can’t give you a sneaky taster of what’s to come. However, if Gi’s previous two novels are to go by then I can imagine we will be in for a novel stuffed to the brim with emotion and be another read you can devour in just one sitting. We’ll be waiting until June for this one but I am incredibly sure it will be worth the wait!


Summer At Shell Cottage by Lucy Diamond

Lucy is one of the old favourites when it comes to a indulgent summer read. With titles like Me & Mr Jones, One Night In Italy and The Beach Cafe, Lucy knows how to write a book you can enjoy whilst lounging around in the sunshine. This novel excites me massively as it is set in Devon which is my most favourite place EVER! As with a lot of Diamond books, we follow a few different characters who, undoubtedly will all end up coming together in the end. By the sounds of it there are some secrets to be told and some hearts to mend but I can only imagine that the summer will end perfectly.

set one

fourFinding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

I have been lucky enough to have read this book already and well, let me just say you are in for a TOTAL treat. Kinsella normally writes for the adult market but has turned her hand to the Young Adults for this novel. It tells the story of Audrey who suffers from social anxiety disorder. With a crazy family and a new love interest walking into her life, Audrey begins to find herself and discovers that actually, life is pretty damn cool if you’re brave enough to live it.

five The Woman Who Gave Up Chocolate by Milly Johnson

I love love love Milly’s novels and this one sounds AWESOME. Married for 24 years, Connie suddenly realises that the chocolates her husband has been buying her as gifts are actually a cover up for him playing away…SWINE. So, Connie sets to work to ruin her husband’s life and along the way might find a bit of a sweet man for herself…

EEEEK! I can’t wait for this.


One Small Act Of Kindness by Lucy Dillon

I love Lucy Dillon and am lucky enough to already have a proof copy of this book waiting to be read. I’ve already sneaked in the first chapter and was immediately hooked so I can’t wait to read the whole thing now! It all begins when a lady is struck down in the road outside Libby and Jason’s B&B. They don’t know who she is and when Libby offers to look after her until she recovers, this small act of kindness starts to change a whole lot of people’s lives.

sevenAlways The Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

Guess who’s back? LINDSEY. She’s back with what promises to be an absolute corker. The age old saying of ‘always the bridesmaid never the bride‘ couldn’t be truer for Maddie. With one friend marrying and one divorcing and both wanting Maddie’s attention; and with Maddie trying her hardest to get the promotion of the century, she starts to wonder whether for once it’s time other people started paying a bit more attention to her. (Plus, GORGEOUS COVER)

set two

eightThe Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop by Abby Clements

A few years ago we had Vivian’s Heavenly Ice Cream Shop and now we have MORE ice cream and I can’t wait. I LOVED Vivian’s and now with the promise of Italy, ice cream and OH MY GOODNESS. I think I’ve just realised that this is a SEQUEL. Ok, so, I just need a second to calm down….

Reading the blurb it sounds like we are following on from the previous characters and having a whole new novel based around them. YESSSS! Now you have no excuse to not read Vivian’s first!

nineThe Great Village Show by Alexandra Brown

I love Alexandra and I love her books. I was gutted when the Carrington’s series ended but I am almost certain The Great Village Show will be just as good, if not better! This is the second book in the Tindledale series after we had The Great Christmas Knit Off. The Village Show is rapidly approaching and all the villagers will fight tooth and claw to win! But when Meg gets involved and shows willing to help, she starts to learn not everything is always as it seems!

Ttenhe Girls by Lisa Jewell

So, this book is a little more sinister than the others I’ve listed above. It asks the question can you really ever trust your neighbours? You live in a picturesque square, your children are free to run around, into other houses. But what would you do if a young girl was found unconscious on the square? Who would you turn to for the answers? I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS.

And, there are so many more I can’t wait for!

I would be here FOREVER if I were to list them all but special mention to two gorgeous women who have their debut novels released this year. Lynsey James with Just The Way You Are and Rebecca Pugh with her novel called Return To Bluebell Hill. Hooray! So proud of these lovelies and I can’t even begin to imagine the work they’ve put into their books. After trying to write a novel myself, I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it can be. So I raise my hat to you ladies!

Are there any other books you think I should keep an eye out for this summer? Let me know!

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  1. Hi, lovely Laura! I’ve only just seen that you mentioned me in this post so I wanted to stop by and say a huge thank you for including me! Absolutely love your list of summer titles. We’re in for a right treat this year, aren’t we? I can’t wait to dive in! Have a wonderful day, B xxx

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